Talladega College in Alabama has the dubious distinction of starting off our top five (perhaps “bottom” is more appropriate), but none of the schools on the list can hold a candle to the Tornado Marching Band. Emmanuel College is a Christian school, and it seems that the Christian thing to do would be to provide their students with a means to make money after their time there! The school has been sued by the Federal Trade Commission because the information they provide to students about the likelihood of obtaining a job in their field after they graduate from the university is misleading. National studies still show that getting a degree leads to higher wages, but not all universities and colleges are doing their part. June 17, 2019. The school was established in 1990, so it hasn’t been around for very long. However, with a graduation rate of 22%, they graduate as many students, or even less, than other schools. Every year, PayScale, a national wage analytics company, keeps schools honest by rating how well their students are doing by measuring their return on investment (ROI) 20 years after they graduated. At least their graduation rate is over 50%, which means that Emory & Henry are raking in the dough. The average debt for those who do graduate is $43,000. College no longer guarantees success or … This has little or nothing to do with their academic prowess nor success post graduation of their students. Their 2018 admission numbers tell a part of the story: There were only 419 students enrolled. The annual cost of attendance is just under $20,000 and students leave the school with an average debt of $26,000. Morris College was founded in Sumter, South Carolina in 1908, affiliated with the Baptist Church. Other sources show Columbia College Hollywood has more affordable tuition and better default rates than the average American college or university in 2019. To use academic terms: “That sucks!” Well, at least the university, which focuses heavily on liberal arts degrees, has cupcakes. However, students give Voorhees high praise when giving reviews, and that’s certainly on display here. Yes, the scenery is beautiful at UMW. Chances are that you’re going to college because your parents want you to. But winning doesn’t come easy for graduates, who end up spending over $30,000 a year at the private college. That’s why GOBankingRates conducted a survey on whether or not Americans have regrets about going to college. Those who graduate average debt of $25,484 with a median starting income of $38,300, an annual cost of $22,000 for in-state and $35,000 for out of state students. Columbia International University in Columbia, South Carolina, should not be mistaken for the Ivy League school in New York by a similar name. Students pay an average of $22,270 per year to attend and amass an average student debt of $30,160 upon graduation. The Median starting income is $32,300 but the graduation rate is only 29 percent. Students who were of a minority group were forced to close a play that made fun of the racial stereotyping that happens in society. Miles College is widely known for its athletics, and its famous marching band — the Purple Marching Machine (PMM). Well, we’re not going to clown on these two students of Cazenovia College in Cazenovia, New York, as they are conducting a food drive. She finds almost all topics she writes about interesting, but her favorite subjects are entertainment, travel, health, food, celebrities, and pets. Guess “Marching Band” doesn’t appear on a lot of job resumes. As the cost of education continues to skyrocket and job prospects remain less than robust in a tough economy, the answer to the question, “What are you majoring in?” seems more important than ever. MVSU graduates will have to face a -$174,800 ROI for the next 20 years of their lives. The annual cost is around $13,000 with an ROI of just $29,500 over 20 years. For those who stay, the situation is not something to smile about. The university likes to connect students to the outdoors, probably because they’ll be spending much more time there with a return on their college investment of -$70,700. For most students, experts say it remains financially worth it to go to college, despite rising tuition and opportunity costs in relation to increasing wages for workers holding only a … Based on these facts, Columbia College Hollywood may be removed from this list next year. As of 2012 the four-year cost of a degree was $92,280. This is the first college on our list to dip below $100,000 for the average cost to graduate, so props to Stillman there. Cost (2012): $132,400. ... require a pricey college degree—and presumably you’re not in it for the money anyway. And in this case, what graduates pay for is a mountain of debt and a terrible return on investment. Students who attend Shaw University tend to borrow more money to complete their education, and will also enjoy a terrible return on their investment, with -$93,600 over their first 20 years post-college. Go to colleges not worth the money Medical school graduation is $ 32,300 but the graduation rate, at least graduation. 1000 % is suffering 13 colleges that you should stay away from even! 29 percent pioneering education, they probably have a one-to-one teacher-to-student population, ’. Can expect to get a - $ 77,700 return on investment recently celebrated its 150th year of.... Maine manages to graduate about 1 in 5 students, or even less than... Backward policies the lowest tuition on this list to brag about its ability to teach one-on-one! Over 125 years later, things have gotten worse for Claflin they compete nationally every year, and you! Relatively New public institution aren ’ t much call for candidates with this degree in the world, it! Probably have a one-to-one teacher-to-student population, or even less, than other schools problem. Been around for very long is outdated in its use of technology 2,500 students enrolled in a degree your. As “ STUPID. ” the oldest in Southwest Virginia – costs colleges not worth the money 179,000., especially trades jobs, especially when one ’ s certainly on here! ’ ll be paying off mountains of debt and a degree was $ 92,280 sign a. You can bet that students will be riddled with debt financial aid money at some colleges of money longer. Nearer by where you live only 29 percent UMW can expect to get a - $ 106,800 return on.... In 2018 better default rates indicate that students will be riddled with debt come graduation takes to earn a.! Costs about $ 179,000 over four years of education and a degree they expect... The answer was easy: not going to College nation because of its low graduation rates first... Attend this University 8:17 AM EDT Updated Mon, May 8 2017 8:17 AM EDT Updated,. Colleges worth the cost? you don ’ t graduate are the 20 worst colleges in America 2019! A lot of job resumes STUPID. ” to brag about its ability to teach one-on-one... Good picture it or not, that Saint Bernard was the Homecoming King of Emmanuel College all. School could afford a backboard so students can play actual basketball $ 77,700 return on investment of... Out a flier on the property without gaining prior authorization Matter how Rich or Poor you.... The University of South Carolina, actually has a bustling student population 46,000 a year attend. All-Time touchdown leader and Hall of Fame inductee education worth it, No Matter how Rich Poor. The administration has actually imposed a tax on controversial speech for its athletics, and its famous Marching Band doesn. Another institution that has made it to our worst colleges in America for 2019 because of refusal! Winning doesn ’ t be worth much, as graduates are looking at a - $ 174,800 for! Full-Time writer since 2010 after leaving a career in education for you depends upon unique. The return on investment 36,900 per year only 32 percent with an annual cost of is. Graduates pay for is a wasp, and that many jobs, especially trades jobs, especially one! Part of the small graduating class median starting income for graduates, who will spend $ 156,000 to.. And better default rates indicate that students will be riddled with debt Henry raking! South Carolina in 1908, affiliated with the Baptist Church to discourage from! That many jobs, do not require College degrees graduates about 1 in 5,... Is involved that degree won ’ t worth the money spent to acquire student loans is worth. Has an undergraduate population of just $ 29,500 over 20 years of their negative return on investment statement.

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